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Rebound is a pseudo top down bullet hell slasher heavily inspired by Nuclear Throne where you play as a demon swordsman progressing through waves of enemies by cutting them to dust.

Key Features:

You have the ability to dash, deflect and evade projectiles to help you survive and open a portal through to the next level. The enemies consist of aggressive assassins to tanky mini-bosses and an even tankier final boss on the final seventh level.

There are six levels plus a final boss with three different areas, each area introducing new enemies and level elements.

It challenges your ability to keep track of your character’s position while attacking at enemies and requires much perseverance to complete.

This is my first time programming a game and any feedback would be appreciated. I look to improve on this project and provide a more polished and finished build in the future.

Mail: aaronhuo554@hotmail.com

Install instructions

No install required,  just download and run the exe within the zip.

If it doesn't work within the zip file, extract both files into somewhere accessible and run the exe.


Rebound.zip 2 MB

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